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What Is A Breast Revision Surgery?

Breast augmentation using implants is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States today, and in most cases, it offers beautiful and natural outcomes. However, sometimes a patient can be unhappy with the appearance of her breasts and at some point may want breast revision treatment. While few breast augmentations do end with an undesirable outcome — and not many of them due to surgeon error — there are some women who decide they want a different size implant while others may have a visible irregularity and prefer to have the breast implant corrected or taken out altogether. Some women even need revision treatment for a particular condition. No matter the reason, plastic surgeon Dr. Samuel Salcedo performs breast revision surgery at The Plastics Doc in his Corona, CA office.

Should I Get Breast Revision Surgery?

In the event you have any dissatisfaction or issues with your breast implants — medical or cosmetic — please make an appointment for a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Salcedo. After discussing your concerns and desired outcomes, he can create a personalized surgical plan to help you reach your cosmetic goals. Whether you have scarring issues, breast sag, rippling, or size variations between the breasts, revision surgery can help give you a more normal and healthy outcome. If you would like to alter the style or size of your implant or address any other aspect of your breasts, call our Corona or Beverly Hills, CA office today.

What are the Benefits of Breast Revision?

There many reasons people select breast revision procedures at The Plastics Doc. If you want to change the shape of the implants or address problems from a previous surgery, breast revision surgery should help you get the aesthetic you are going for. When performed at our facility in Corona, CA, this procedure is able to offer several amazing benefits, such as:

  • Removes pain and discomfort
  • Corrects issues from prior procedures
  • Eliminates unwanted implants for a simplified look
  • Removes damaged or deflated implants
  • Enhances breast volume and feel
  • Fixes issues like breast asymmetry, rippling, implant shifting, etc.
  • Improves comprehensive breast aesthetic and appearance
  • Resolves scar tissue
  • Boosts self-esteem and self-image
  • Adjusts the location of implants (if necessary)

What Are Some Common Reasons for Revision?

Breast revision surgery is most often performed to take out an implant that is either not functioning properly or is no longer wanted. Breast revision surgery is also often performed to change implant size or go from silicone to saline (or vice versa). There are other common situations in which a revision procedure is wanted.


Asymmetry occurs when your implants look disproportionate either because a wrong size implant was used, lack of tissue on one side, or a condition that could possibly cause asymmetry. Dr. Salcedo will perform an assessment to determine the cause of your asymmetry and create a surgical plan to correct the issue.

Bottoming Out

Bottoming out is a problem that happens if one or both breasts drop too low, known as "bottoming out." In many cases, this is often a placement issue from the original operation. To modify this, Dr. Salcedo will review your implants, discuss your desired results, and create a new treatment plan.

Breast Size

Sometimes, breast revision surgery is as simple as getting a larger or smaller sized implant. During the first surgery, you may have gone too big or too small; in this case, a new implant size can be used for a more desirable look.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture occurs when the smooth tissue that surrounds the implant becomes hard and thickens. While breast implants do create some internal scar tissue, most patients will never even notice this; however, in some situations, the scarring could alter the implant placement, which may change the implant function and deliver an undesirable outcome.

Implant Rippling

This is when you see noticeable lines and ripples beneath the skin. This irregularity typically forms just along the edging of the implant. Rippling is generally found in females who are relatively thin. Many times, this condition can be corrected by simply switching to a silicone breast implant.

Implant Rupture

While not common, breast implants can rupture. If a saline breast implant ruptures, the implant will noticeably deflate quickly. Silicone implant rupture, however, can only be seen through an MRI. In either case, if a rupture happens, Dr. Salcedo can help you achieve your desired results.


Symmastia occurs when implants are positioned too closely together, causing the breasts to touch or appear as one. Most often, this happens because the implant chosen was the wrong shape, size, or width. Breast revision corrects this visible deformity by utilizing an implant that fits your frame and looks balanced.

What Should I Expect After My Breast Revision?

After your breast revision, you will have a brief observation period before you are sent home to start your recovery. Your recovery period will vary, depending on what your surgery entailed. If your revision included any type of reconstruction or grafting, you can expect a longer recovery, which could last a few months. Dr. Salcedo or a member of the team will discuss what is normal during your recovery and give you some tips to help speed your healing. You will likely begin to see your results once your bruising and swelling dissipates. You should also schedule your follow-up appointments as often as directed so Dr. Salcedo can monitor your recovery and results.

Breast Revision FAQs

Is breast revision safe?

There are always risks associated with any surgery, but breast revision is generally considered to be a safe procedure. The most common complications after surgery are infection, bleeding, and poor wound healing. However, these complications are easily treatable and rarely cause long-term problems. Dr. Salcedo can provide more information about risks during a consultation.

Will my revision results look natural?

Our professionals at The Plastics Doc have extensive experience performing breast revision surgery and strive to provide natural-looking results whenever possible. We are also trained on the latest techniques and technology to ensure the best possible outcomes. Rest assured that you will be in good hands when working with us.

How long will my revision results last?

The results of breast revision surgery in Corona, CA, are long-lasting but may not be permanent. Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and aging can cause changes in the breasts over time. Your results should last for many years with proper care and maintenance. Our team will provide all the information needed to help prolong your results.

How do I prepare for breast revision?

Preparation for breast revision surgery is similar to that of any other cosmetic procedure. Dr. Salcedo will provide specific instructions based on your individual case, but in general, you should:

  • Get plenty of rest and eat a healthy diet
  • Arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery
  • Fill any prescriptions for pain medication beforehand

What about scarring after breast revision?

There will be some scarring after breast revision surgery. However, Dr. Salcedo takes great care to place incisions in discreet locations to minimize the appearance of scars and create natural results. In most cases, scars fade over time and become nearly invisible. We take great pride in our work and strive to provide the best possible outcomes.

Do I have to change my implants?

Although implants are long-lasting, they will require replacement eventually. Once you've had augmentation surgery, it's important to get your implants examined at least once a year so Dr. Salcedo can help you determine if your implants need to be exchanged. With frequent advances in medical technology, you may prefer the new implant types and shapes to get a better outcome from breast revision surgery.

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A New Look

Breast implant revision is a specialized procedure that allows women to change the shape, size, or placement of their breast implants. If you're displeased with your breast implants or wish for a different result, contact plastic surgeon Dr. Salcedo at The Plastics Doc to create a look you're proud of. Our team, in Corona and Beverly Hills, CA, can answer any questions about the cost and process of breast revision surgery.

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