Liposuction vs VASER Liposuction. Discussing the Benefits of Each

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 10/31/2022

Should you get traditional or VASER liposuction? Learn how fat removal treatment works at our clinic and why some people may prefer a VASER procedure.


Can Tummy Tuck Surgery Get Rid of My Love Handles?

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 09/30/2022

Frustrated by love handles or a muffin top? Find out if tummy tuck surgery is the answer for you.


What Garments Will I Need After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 08/26/2022

Prepare for your tummy tuck recovery by knowing what clothing you’ll want and need to stay comfortable and encourage proper healing.


How Many Cup Sizes Can I Go Up With A Breast Lift?

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 07/29/2022

Will a breast lift change your cup size, and what’s the difference between a regular breast lift and a breast lift? Find the answers here.


How Much Weight Can I Lose With VASER® Liposuction?

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 06/26/2022

Discover how the gentler VASER liposuction procedure can help you attain your body contouring goals with less downtime and optimal results.


Three Reasons to Consider a Breast Augmentation

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 05/29/2022

Find out more about why women are choosing The Plastics Doc’s breast augmentation instead of traditional implants.


Here’s When You Can Start Working Out Again After Your Tummy Tuck

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 04/28/2022

Anxious about being out of the gym after a tummy tuck? Find out how long you’ll need to wait before resuming exercise and why it matters.


Why Is VASER Lipo® Better Than Traditional Liposuction?

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 03/24/2022

An in-depth look at the benefits of ultrasound-assisted VASER liposuction compared with traditional liposuction.


A Breast Lift Can Give Your Breasts a Much-Needed Boost

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 03/10/2022

The breast lift may be ideal for women who want younger and healthier-looking breasts.


How Soon Can I Exercise After VASER® Liposuction Treatment?

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 01/30/2022

VASER liposuction is great for removing stubborn areas of fat, but you’ll need to ease back into physical activity.


Four Reasons Men Are Choosing to Get Tummy Tuck Surgery

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 12/31/2021

A tummy tuck is helpful for men as it helps reduce back pain and strengthens the core. It is useful for any man in Beverly Hills or Corona, CA to


What Size Options Do I Have With A Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 11/23/2021

Breast augmentation can increase your confidence and the size of your bustline. Learn about your size options with gummy bear implants at our clinic.


Will My Breast Lift Look Natural?

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 10/31/2021

A closer look at what to expect with a breast lift, including whether your newly enhanced breasts will look and feel natural.


How Effective is VASER® Liposuction?

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 09/22/2021

VASER liposuction’s exclusive and revolutionary sound-based fat-destroying capabilities make it an exceptionally effective treatment system.


How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 08/26/2021

While the recovery time can take multiple weeks, the popular tummy tuck procedure can give you the sleek and tight results you desire.


What to Know When Considering A Breast Lift Surgery

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 06/15/2021

Learn about how The Plastics Docs in Corona, CA performs this superior method of breast lift.


The Pros and Cons of VASER® Liposuction for Fat Reduction

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 05/13/2021

VASER lipo is a cosmetic body contouring treatment that addresses unwanted fat. Discover the pros and cons of this procedure at our advanced clinic.


Five Benefits Of Tummy Tuck Surgery For Men

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 04/28/2021

Think tummy tuck surgery is only for women? Think again! Discover the benefits of male abdominoplasty, and find out whether it may be right for you.


Will Breastfeeding Affect Breast Augmentation Results?

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 04/24/2021

Nursing may or may not affect the results of your breast augmentation in Beverly Hills. Our practice can explain which factors affect your surgery.


How Long Does It Take Breast Lift Incisions To Heal?

Dr. Samuel Salcedo | 04/23/2021

Curious about what your breast lift scars will look like, how long they’ll take to heal, and what you can do to help them fade? Get the answers here!


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