Helpful Tips to Know Before and After Breast Lift Surgery

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While breast lift surgery is a fairly routine and highly popular procedure — having seen a 70% increase in demand since 2000 — it is important for patients to understand that it is still a surgical procedure that will require some amount of education, preparation, and recovery. At The Plastics Doc, Corona, CA plastic surgeon Dr. Samuel Salcedo helps women near Beverly Hills and Riverside, CA achieve the perkier, more youthful, and feminine figure they desire with breast lift surgery. Here, you’ll find helpful tips from our knowledgeable team on what to know before and after your breast lift, including how you may need to prepare for the procedure, how the surgery works, and what to expect during breast lift recovery. Whether you’re just starting to consider breast lift surgery or have already scheduled your breast lift in Beverly Hills, CA, be sure to review this important information.

How does a breast lift work?

Breast lift surgery is designed to shift the breasts to a higher, more youthful position on the chest and create a perkier and more desirable breast appearance overall. This is accomplished primarily through the removal of excess skin that contributes to breast drooping and downward-pointing nipples. During the procedure, Dr. Salcedo creates an incision on the breast — usually in an inverted T (anchor) or vertical orientation — and trims away loose skin, repositions the breast tissue, and reduces and shifts the nipple-areola complex. Using a high-def breast lift technique for the most optimal and natural-looking results possible, Dr. Salcedo may also perform a fat transfer to enhance cleavage and fill out the upper pole of the breast.

What do I need to know about breast lift surgery?

In addition to understanding how the procedure itself is performed, here are some important breast lift must-knows:

1. Recovery can be more involved than with breast augmentation alone

In some cases, recovery after breast lift surgery is more extensive and lengthier than recovery after a breast augmentation alone. For this reason, patients should ensure they have scheduled an adequate amount of time off of work — which will depend on the specific details of your case — and have lined up help around the house, with children, and with other chores and routines.

2. You may have visible scarring

Most breast lift patients will have some amount of visible scarring on the lower pole of the breasts. Still, many patients agree that the exciting improvements in their overall contours are worth having breast lift scars. Additionally, Dr. Salcedo and our team will provide a comprehensive list of scar care instructions and products to help encourage your scars to heal and fade as completely as possible.

3. Your bra size may change

While a breast lift does not reduce or add to the volume of breast tissue itself, some patients may experience a change in their breast/bra size after breast lift surgery due to the removal of excess skin and the new shape and contour of the breasts and chest/bust overall.

Because every woman’s anatomy, goals, lifestyle, and more are unique, Dr. Salcedo will take great care to customize each breast lift surgery and discuss what you can expect in more detail during your consultation and preoperative appointments.

Give your bust a perky boost and feel more youthful and confident once again with breast lift surgery in Corona, CA

If you are self-conscious about your nipples pointing to the ground or saggy breasts, breast lift surgery may help lift your spirits and then some! For more information about getting started with a breast lift, call The Plastics Doc to schedule your breast lift consultation with Dr. Samuel Salcedo in Corona, CA today.

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