Corona, CA | The Plastics Doc: Advanced Botox Techniques | The Plastics Doc

These are advanced Botox techniques, more than the standard injections. These are less commonly used techniques but can be very effective! If you're looking for the best techniques with excellent results come visit Dr. Salcedo.


Dr. Samuel E. Salcedo: Hey, everybody. It's Dr. Salcedo, The Plastics Doc, and I'm going to talk to you today about advanced Botox techniques. So, starting at the top: with strategically placed Botox injections at the lateral brow, we just put a shot there and a shot there. We can actually get a little bit of brow elevation, it's referred to as a chemical brow lift. Moving down to the nasal area, if we do an injection into the depressor septi nasi we can get if you turn your head to the side, just a slight bit of nasal elevation at the tip, which is a very good look.

Dr. Samuel E. Salcedo: Then, let's strategically place injections near the angle of the mandible into this portion of the jaw. We can get softening of the area. Finally, one of the advanced techniques is Botox injections into the platysma. So with a few injections on either side of the platysma, we can soften these bands, or these wrinkles, going across the neck area.