Corona, CA | BodySculpt Liposuction: Plastic Surgery Live Video | The Plastics Doc

BodySculpt Liposuction is 360-degree liposculpting of the abdomen, flanks, and back. BodySculpt involves careful evaluation of the aesthetic units of the torso to reveal the beautiful shape underneath stubborn fat and age-associated body changes. Most patients report little to no pain and are thrilled with their new bodies! If you are considering liposuction, come see Dr. Salcedo for a personalized BodySculpt consultation.


Dr. Salcedo: Everybody. It's Dr. Salcedo, the Plastics Doc, and today we're operating in Beverly Hills. I have a liposuction patient. So what I'm doing right now is I'm injecting tumescent fluid into the area that I'm going to liposuction. And tumescent fluid, what it is, is it's lidocaine. It's epinephrine. And what that does is that helps with pain after the liposuction and the epinephrine helps with blood loss during the lipo procedure.

Dr. Salcedo: Tool that I use for liposuction is called the MicroAire. It's power assisted liposuction. What that means is when I activate this wand, you can see in addition to sucking it also vibrates. And what that does is it helps break up the fat cells and makes it easier for them for removal. So this makes liposuction a much easier process, a much safer process, and I get much better results with this system than with traditional liposuction.

Dr. Salcedo: We're almost done with the lower back and flank liposuction. You can already see that she's starting to get a great shape compared to her preop.

Dr. Salcedo: Production. She's all closed up. I actually made marks on the buttocks so you can see where I wanted it. And I pushed this TopiFoam onto it. What that does is it makes a mark and then I can cut it out and I can leave this on underneath her compression garment to put compression against the skin to get the skin to stick back down to the muscle and all the tissue beneath and give her that really nice sculpted look.